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fabiola cavallini team luxembourg pavilion

Meet the Luxembourg Pavilion team in Dubai: Fabiola Cavallini

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

We’re excited to introduce you to the people working at Expo 2020 Dubai. During 6 unforgettable months, they’ll assure that the message of the Luxembourg Pavilion resonates in all its vibrancy.

Today, you’ll meet Fabiola Cavallini, Head of Protocol.

1. What is your name and what do you do at the Luxembourg Pavilion?

I oversee the Protocol within the Luxembourg Pavilion. In other words, I take care that dignitaries have the best and smoothest experience in the Luxembourg Pavilion, as well as at Expo 2020.

2. What motivated you to work at the Luxembourg Pavilion?

Working in a completely new environment, away from home and with no landmarks might sound scary.

But to me, it was exactly what I needed. Furthermore, I’m a big enthusiast of projects, variety, and problem-solving.

Joining the Expo 2020 adventure for the Luxembourg Pavilion looked like the perfect occasion to embrace a new challenge and get out of my comfort zone. Push yourself and you will grow- that’s the spirit 😊.

3. What does a day at the Luxembourg Pavilion look like?

It’s different every day – no two days are the same. However, be ready to expect the unexpected.

4. What is your favorite aspect of working for the Luxembourg Pavilion and for Expo 2020 Dubai?

One main task of my job is to liaise with the protocol officers of other Pavilions. From a professional and personal point of view, living and working in a multicultural environment is an enriching experience.

The best part in connecting with people from different cultural backgrounds is the possibility of seeing other perspectives and perhaps questioning one’s own way of seeing things. Plus, we can also learn valuable stories and lessons from each other.

fabiola cavallini team luxembourg pavilion
Beside working for the Luxembourg Pavilion, Fabiola likes to hike in the mountains

5. What is your favorite part of the Luxembourg Pavilion?

There are some parts here and there that make me feel at home immediately and put a smile on my face. For instance, the video during the section “connectivity” projects the Pfaffenthal panoramic elevator in Luxembourg city.

This glass elevator that connects the upper city center to the Pfaffenthal area at the bottom of the Alzette valley is one of my favorite spots in Luxembourg city and I regularly take it during my lunch breaks.

The ride in the glass elevator features sweeping views, especially on a sunny autumn day.

6. What is the most important lesson you have learned during your time working for the Luxembourg Pavilion so far?

Expo 2020 can surprise you daily. What I learned very quickly is you have no idea what to expect when you arrive at work each day. Also, you need more than just one backup plan. Be ready to have a backup plan of the backup plan of the backup plan….

7. Any special events you’re particularly looking forward to?

Probably the Luxembourg National Day, which is going to be the highlight of this six-month adventure. However, since at the Expo you need to expect the unexpected, the highlight would be a day that we didn’t foresee.

8. What can EXPO 2020 DUBAI do for our future?

The Covid-19 pandemic as well as the rise of severe natural disasters in the last couple of years emphasized the fragility of our social, economic, and environmental systems.

These two pressing issues have exposed the cracks in the existing society. Working together is humanity’s superpower. It has enabled us to do remarkable things and it remains the best tool for solving the world’s biggest problems.

What better way to attempt to solve collective issues than on a platform where 192 participating nations are gathered during a period of six months?