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luxembourg pavilion exterior expo 2025 osaka, japan
The scenography of the Luxembourg Pavilion at Expo 2025 in Osaka consists of three acts, which are connected by the overlying leitmotif „Doki Doki – The Luxembourg Heartbeat“.

As visitors slowly explore the spaces through various types of interaction, they get to know the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in all its richness: its diversity of inhabitants, its forward-looking and innovative spirit, its beautiful landscapes and diverse cultural institutions.

A custom-made musical score, highlighting the uniqueness of each act, yet connected by an underlying tune, enhances the “Doki Doki” ambiance throughout the visitor journey.

The mesmerizing score creates a unique atmosphere in each space and is coupled with captivating lighting sensations.

Visitors are consistently immersed in the Luxembourg Heartbeat, fully engaging in the experience.

Get a foretaste of what’s to come…

act one scenography luxembourg pavilion expo 2025 osaka

Act 1

Act one is a meeting point where visitors encounter inhabitants from Luxembourg in various environments. The exhibition sets out a combination of physical spaces and virtual images, making it easy to connect with the people and feel welcomed to have a look into their lives.

The entire space is conveying the spirit of “Welcome at our home”:  showcasing the openness of the people of Luxembourg. Being invited into someone’s home is always something special. An insight into a life that you might not have thought of before.

act two scenography luxembourg pavilion expo 2025 osaka

Act 2

Act two introduces Luxembourg as a testbed for future technologies and great ideas, where visitors are invited to play together the “Instruments of Sustainability” and learn more about the measures and steps Luxembourg is taking to help make the world a better place.

Through an interactive approach in the style of classic arcade games, Luxembourg raises awareness among visitors that every step, no matter how small, can have a big impact. The shared interaction creates a positive, optimistic outlook on the world of tomorrow.

act 3 luxembourg pavilion expo 2025 japan

Act 3

Act three is an all-immersive space. Visitors will immerse themselves in Luxembourg sceneries. Standing or sitting on a net, they will witness stunning landscapes, nature and cultural sights from a unique perspective, offering both excitement and emotion. Definitely an unforgettable experience!

They discover Luxembourg with all their senses in a completely new and unexpected way. Be it the diversity of the five different regions, the cultural sights or the activities, Luxembourg is a place of longing.

scenography of the luxembourg pavilion at expo 2025 osaka
And how could we show Luxembourg to the world without ending the visit with culinary (and other) delights?

After an exciting and stimulating journey through the pavilion, the visitors get together in an inner courtyard, an oasis in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the Expo. Here, they are greeted by a warm and joyful atmosphere to discover Luxembourg`s unique savoir-vivre.

Visitors are invited to stay, relax, eat and drink – and discover one or the other old Luxembourgish tradition. Stay tuned for more details coming soon!