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Pavilion Theme

front view expo pavilion doki doki luxembourg osaka 2025

“Doki Doki – The Luxembourg Heartbeat” is the chosen theme for the Luxembourg Pavilion. What’s the story behind?

Well, in Japan, “Doki Doki” is the term for the sound of a beating heart filled with excitement and curiosity, and our visitors should experience no less.

luxembourg pavilion exterior osaka 2025

This stimulating leitmotif runs like a common thread through the visitor journey at the pavilion, reflecting the diversity and multiculturalism of Luxembourg’s society, catering to the sub-theme “Connecting Lives”.

This is what it aims to achieve: connecting Expo visitors with the people from Luxembourg and bridging Japan with the Grand Duchy.

The Luxembourg Pavilion offers an exciting guest experience through its pioneering architectural design, based on the principles of circular economy and matched with a compelling scenography that will embody the heart-pounding feeling of “Doki Doki”.

Its structure is a modular steel construction topped with a tensile membrane roof, all designed according to the basic principle “designed for disassembly”.

Find out more about the architecture and the scenography.