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Meet the partners: POST LUXEMBOURG

POST Luxembourg’s historical telecommunication activities, initiated in 1880 with the set-up of the first telephone network in the Grand-Duchy, have been expanded ever since – always with one major accent: to offer the best possible customer service, whether for private or professional customers.

Over the years, POST’s portfolio has evolved from telephony services to high-performance connectivity and IT services, including data centers with Tier IV security levels, IT integration services, cloud solutions, IT development services, and even cyber security solutions and data intelligence services.

In addition, POST’s connectivity network offers the highest performance in Luxembourg in terms of capacity, redundancy, and international data connections to the major international Internet exchange points.

1. What is your motivation to be a partner of the Luxembourg Pavilion at EXPO 2020 DUBAI?

Digitization is undoubtedly one of the areas of expertise of POST Luxembourg and we are particularly proud to contribute, together with the other partners and sponsors of the pavilion, to the efforts of the Government to pave the way towards a digital economy and to represent the know-how of the Grand-Duchy in the matter.

Furthermore, the theme of the exhibition “Connecting minds, creating the future” fits perfectly with the vision and values of POST and in particular its strong desire to promote both innovation and sustainable development.

2. What are the expected outcomes of your participation?

The millions of visitors expected at the Luxembourg pavilion at EXPO 2020 DUBAI offers POST a unique opportunity to position Luxembourg on the international scene in the information and communication sector and even more in the UAE and the Gulf region.

Over the last decades, POST played a major role in the digitalization of Luxembourg and keeps on building on the existing infrastructure to provide the services that Luxembourg needs as a smart nation.

By participating as a partner of the Luxembourg Pavilion, POST Luxembourg takes the opportunity to highlight all its future-oriented projects and initiatives to actively contribute to the idea of ‘creating the future’.

In addition, Luxembourg already maintains excellent relations within the UAE and the Gulf region, and the fact of participating in this exhibition, and more precisely by supporting the Luxembourg pavilion as a major partner, shows the seriousness and respect with which POST approaches the demands of its corporate clients in this part of the world.

5G POST Luxembourg

3. What story do you want to tell by participating in the EXPO 2020?

As a main partner of the Luxembourg Pavilion, POST Luxembourg typically embodies the Luxembourg government’s aim to path the way for a digitalized economy.

Ever since the deployment of the initial telephony infrastructure, all additional layers have been built to meet the digital needs not only of the businesses but of the economy as a whole. In this way, POST Luxembourg has actively supported the digitization of the economy of the Grand Duchy and is continuously developing its services with this same focus.

In this perspective, POST Luxembourg continuously invests into its “Network of the Future” by increasing the capacity of its 4G mobile network, deploys its 5G network, which has been launched in October 2020 and continues the deployment of the national optical fibre network.

The 5G network is not only complementary to the fibre optic network in order to meet the increasing data traffic needs of private and professional customers, but it also offers the possibility to develop new applications and services for the economy.

As part of this process, POST accompanies the digitisation of the economy, while being in close contact with the industry. By consulting the companies, specific uses of the 5G network are designed together and POST Luxembourg can precisely align its network infrastructure with the future needs of the companies – always with the aim of offering the best quality of service.

Digitalization is our area of expertise and POST is well placed to showcase Luxembourg’s know-how in this field in Luxembourg and abroad.

4. Why are the UAE and the Gulf region particularly interesting for your company?

We already have clients from these regions, and more specifically in the field of cybersecurity.

This is the opportunity to meet companies and perhaps present to them another angle of POST Luxembourg’s strategic know-how in the context of an ecosystem, perfectly represented within the pavilion but remaining sometimes underestimated or unsuspected.

It is interesting to compete with other players in the sector and to be challenged to advance and nurture innovation. Thus, meeting the actors of the UAE and the Gulf region allows us to have enriching exchanges, even outside our comfort zone, and to surprise by our agility and our know-how.

In addition, if the primary goal of this participation is indeed to present itself to the host country, we especially seize the opportunity to help represent Luxembourg in a more international environment that will go beyond the Middle East.