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EHTL publishes “Schengen Lounge – Recipe Book”

A concentrate of originality and refinement

After more than two years of preparation, the EHTL’s participation in Expo 2020 Dubai has become a reality. The first students to be selected to take part in this unique adventure have already had the chance to spend 11 weeks in the United Arab Emirates and to enjoy a formative experience that they will not soon forget.

A second-team took over at the end of November to work in the restaurant of the Luxembourg pavilion, both in the kitchen and at the reception and service of the customers. A large number of visitors are delighted with the high-quality culinary experience on offer.

As a partner of the Luxembourg pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, the EHTL had the honor of developing the gastronomic concept for the restaurant “The Schengen Lounge“.

For this occasion, starred chef Kim Kevin De Dood, a former student, and teacher at the Diekirch school revisited traditional Luxembourg cuisine: Gromperekichelcher with smoked salmon or apple sauce, Kniddelelen with smoked duck, and Quetschentaart with almond shortcrust pastry, plum mousse, and rosemary.

At the same time, Chef De Dood has taken care to reflect Luxembourg’s diversity and multiculturalism through dishes such as beef ribs with yuzu, chicken risotto or trout with fennel and ginger, to name but a few of his original creations.

All of the culinary compositions served in Dubai – eighteen dishes and five exceptional desserts – have now been compiled in a book produced by the EHTL and entitled “The Schengen Lounge – Recipe Book“.

Written in French and English, the beautifully illustrated book is available for €30 from the EHTL.

The sale of this book helps to fund educational projects at the EHTL and to promote the school’s reputation.